Ascension Patch 1 Notes

Slumberparty Mode: Play fully reclined with the game in perfect view overhead. Updated Avatar Skins VoIP quality improved under stressed network conditions Gear: Touch and hold on cards shows Quick Text Notification when players enter the lobby during multiplayer games Network bandwidth reduced Recenter menu item Rift/Gear: Mic mutes when headset off Fix crash when using[…]


Virtual Puppeteering

One of the core features of Ascension VR is the social aspect of gaming: it’s fun to hang out and play with your friends! So it was critical for us to animate the in-game avatars to match the players’ movements. We needed to create a scheme for animating the characters to represent you, the player,[…]


Ascension VR – Launched!

Ascension VR – Launched! It’s been a challenge but we’ve pulled it off, Ascension has launched as the first VR deckbuilding game. Three platforms, 52 card types, multiplayer, voice chat, animated avatars, the multi-million poly forest environment, it’s all finally done, phew! It’s so exciting to have folks download and play the game. We hope[…]


Ascension VR Has Launched

Ascension is a fast-paced deck building game that’s quick to learn and packed with endless hours of replay value. Play online or single player in this VR adaptation of the award winning favorite that will appeal to fans of board games, trading card games and non-gamers alike.     Bringing the tabletop world into the[…]