Ascension Patch 1 Notes

  • Slumberparty Mode: Play fully reclined with the game in perfect view overhead.
  • Updated Avatar Skins
  • VoIP quality improved under stressed network conditions
  • Gear: Touch and hold on cards shows Quick Text
  • Notification when players enter the lobby during multiplayer games
  • Network bandwidth reduced
  • Recenter menu item
  • Rift/Gear: Mic mutes when headset off
  • Fix crash when using non-stereo speakers


Virtual Puppeteering

One of the core features of Ascension VR is the social aspect of gaming: it’s fun to hang out and play with your friends! So it was critical for us to animate the in-game avatars to match the players’ movements. We needed to create a scheme for animating the characters to represent you, the player, and all your real-world motions, in order to achieve the feeling that the people you’re playing with are really ‘there.’

To achieve this I created animations to represent the full range of motion for each axis of rotation:
templarXrot_crop_pingpong templarYrot_crop.gif_pingpong templarZrot_crop_pingpong

Additionally, I used animations to compensate for movement in the X (left/right) and Y (forward/backward) axes:
templarXtrans_pingpong templarYtrans_pingpong

Since the character has a wide stance in his idle pose, he can sutbly shift his weight forward/backward and still appear balanced.

Taking in tracking data from the headset, these animations are all blended additively in real-time on top of an idle animation:


As Ascension VR is a social game, you’ll be chatting a lot during the game. To give context to “who’s speaking”, we use spatialized audio so that the sound comes directionally from the talking player. Additionally, we created a generic talk loop that activates whenever you speak:

And finally, when you look down…templarself

Together, all these elements combine to convey your presence in VR like never before!


Ascension VR – Launched!


Ascension VR – Launched!

It’s been a challenge but we’ve pulled it off, Ascension has launched as the first VR deckbuilding game. Three platforms, 52 card types, multiplayer, voice chat, animated avatars, the multi-million poly forest environment, it’s all finally done, phew! It’s so exciting to have folks download and play the game. We hope this game succeeds as one of the first steps towards a rich table top boardgaming scene in VR.

A few notes:

First, a huge thanks to everyone who helped with the Beta test. We got a bunch of great feedback and fixed a handful of issues all because of you! It went better than we could have hoped. Thanks so much!

Second, even though the game just launched, there’s no time to rest yet, we’re already working on our first patch! Big features are in-game recenter (hopefully with tilt for ‘lying in bed mode’) and network improvements/feedback to improve voice quality on wifi. Look for that in a patch sometime next week.

Third, I wanted to announce Tuesday Nights with the Devs. Of course we’ll be around for our launch, but going forward we’ll be on each Tuesday to get some in person feedback and feature requests, and to hang out and play. Please drop in and join us!

Ascension VR Has Launched

Ascension is a fast-paced deck building game that’s quick to learn and packed with endless hours of replay value. Play online or single player in this VR adaptation of the award winning favorite that will appeal to fans of board games, trading card games and non-gamers alike.




ScreenshotWitchBringing the tabletop world into the digital sphere by connecting players from all over the world into one virtual space, Ascension VR uses 3D fully animated avatars and showcases social elements including spatialized voice chat, avatar lip sync and avatar animation triggered by real time player movement.  Players can battle for supremacy regardless of what platform they’re on, whether mobile or PC and from a variety of VR headsets, including Gear, Vive, and Rift.  


  • 52 Heroes, Constructs & Monsters
  • Network Multiplayer across VR platforms
  • Vive, Gear & Rift support
  • Single player AI mode
  • Social VR features: spatialized chat, lip and animation sync

steam-button (1)


Also available here through Humble for steam-logo on Vive and Rift