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The popular dice game is getting a digital spin!

The award winning boardgame, Roll for the Galaxy, is making its way to phones, tablets and PC soon. Following the launch of Race for the Galaxy, Temple Gates Games in association with Rio Grande Games is excited to announce the upcoming digital release of the popular dice adaptation.  The game will be available on iOS, Android, and Steam.


RollForTheGalaxy s

Roll for the Galaxy is a dice game of building space empires for 2-5 players. Your dice represent your populace, whom you direct to develop new technologies, settle worlds, and ship goods. The player who best manages their workers and builds the most prosperous empire wins!

Designed by Wei-Hwa Huang and Tom Lehmann, this dice version of Race for the Galaxy takes players on a new journey.



Keldon Jones, the developer behind the Race for the Galaxy AI, is at it again with Roll for the Galaxy. This game will feature a new neural network AI that will challenge even the most advanced players.

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Race for the Galaxy Coverage

“Best New Games: Go and grab it right now.”
“Racking up rave reviews across the galaxy.”
“Our clear GOTY up to this point has to be Race”
“9/10, possibly 10/10. A great implementation.”
“The players in our forums seem to be quite happy with it.”
“An in-depth card game that strategists will love.”
“There’s no excuse not to try this out.”
“A must-own without a doubt.”
“Top 10 Android Board Game Apps.”
“RftG is out and, yes, it’s that good.”
“5/5 About as good as it gets.”
“One of the best-loved card games around.”

“Complex and with a lot of depth.”
“Award: Editor’s Choice”

Feature Drop: New Race Update!

In preparation for our June 27 PC launch, we’ve dropped a bunch of new features into the mobile app.  Mobile and PC players will be able to play together in the same multiplayer games.  

Cross device account linking Players can now link their devices together so their friends lists will transfer between mobile and tablet.  No more pesky re-adding your friends one by one!  This also links their multiplayer games so you can pop in from any device then continue a game later on another one.  We’re rolling out PC support June 27, at which time players can also link up with their computers.  Mobile and PC players will all be able to play in the same games together!  

Stats We’re rolling out tons of new stats so hopefully players got their losses out of their systems before they started counting!  Included are high scores, but also we show what’s the most you’ve ever achieved with a particular starting world and what’s the most you’ve ever achieved with any six cost development.  If you click on your high scores you can bring up the game state to see everything in play when you achieved your best.  

Multiplayer improvements There are a bunch of features players have been clamoring for, so we’ve rolled out some new goodies.  Timers now help players decide if they want a quick game or something more leisurely, and inactive games eventually time off your game list.  More games are supported now, so if you have a bunch going, you can still make way more before maxing out.  The friend list has been expanded, so popular players won’t feel limited.    

Localization support (beta) We’ve begun translation work to bring the game to more languages.  This is in a beta, so there are a few rough edges, but there’s even an option to contribute a translation if one you want is missing or could use improvement.  

Press Release: Race for the Galaxy Races to Steam



Race for the Galaxy Races to Steam next week

Experience the best-selling digital card game from Rio Grande Games on PC June 27


SAN MATEO, CA – JUNE 20 2017 – Rio Grande Games in association with Temple Gates Games has announced that Race for the Galaxy will be available next week on Steam for PC players.  

Race for the Galaxy, a core game in strategy gamers’ collections, will be available for $6.99.  Additional expansions from the boardgame’s first arc, Gathering Storm and Rebel vs. Imperium, will be available for immediate purchase at $3.99 each.  Packed with five starter worlds, ninety settlement and development cards, and a free promo pack of six new starter worlds, this game will keep players coming back to improve their galactic conquest skill over and over again.  

In Race, players choose to explore, develop, settle, consume or produce to create the most prosperous empire in the Galaxy.  In this tableau building game, each action resolves for all players, and players will place technology cards and world cards to build victory point engines, rush military, or find some way to edge out rival empires.  

Network multiplayer mode pits players against each other in games of two to four or players can test their mettle against the neural networked AI, developed by Keldon Jones, in single player mode.  With three levels of AI difficulty, players can ramp up before entering the gauntlet of a battle against hard AI. “Race for the Galaxy will have the best AI of any card of boardgame ever ported,” says Dave Neumann of Stately Play.   

A suite of new features accompanies the PC launch of this digital board game, including multiplayer timers, game stats, cross device linking to facilitate friends lists and multiplayer games across PC, mobile, and tablet, as well as a beta rollout of multilingual support.  

For more information on Race for the Galaxy, visit and to check out the game on Steam visit


Game Features

▪ 2-4 player with network multiplayer

▪ Single player mode with advanced neural network AI

▪ Five starting worlds and ninety settlement and development cards

▪ Free promo pack included: New Worlds with six additional starting planets

▪ Gathering Storm and Rebel Vs. Imperium expansions available immediately



Podcast with Keldon Jones

0742beaWe sat down with Keldon Jones and Chris O’Regan to chat about Race for the Galaxy. Keldon is responsible for creating the neural network research project that became the Race for the Galaxy AI. This pet project has been in development for nearly a decade and was integrated into the official licensed mobile and PC apps for Race for the Galaxy.

What’s special about Race for the Galaxy’s AI? This AI has trained on over thirty thousand games, and each time it plays, it learns and adapts to improve its strength going forward. While the Hard AI is likely to stomp all over your face, you can always nerf it down to Easy or Medium to work up to the challenge. The neural network itself has got over five hundred nodes. In fact there are actually two AIs operating in tandem. One is responsible for predicting a player’s next action(s). The other evaluates the better of two actions to choose. Together this twin AI system has been called one of the best AIs in the digital boardgame space.

“RftG will have the best AI of any card or board game ever ported to a mobile device” – Stately Play

Here Keldon talks a little about how he got started tinkering with neural network AIs.

Game Responses

Press Quotes

“10/10 High marks from me.” – Tom Vasel, Dice Tower

Another GOTY Contender steps up” – Pocket Tactics

Go and grab it right now” – DroidGamers

The best AI of any card or board game ever ported to a mobile device” – Stately Play

“One of the greatest digital board games ever made.” iosboardgames

“This digital version really does it justice.”

“It has been racking up rave reviews across the galaxy” – Pocket Tactics

Thank you for making this the top boardgame on iTunes.



Community Quotes

“It’s basically taken over my entire life. ” – Mason Weaver

By far the best app I have I’ve purchased.” – David B

Be still my beating heart.” – Jeff Lingwall

“Instabuy. Take the rest of the week off.” – @YodaCandyBar

A Little About Race

In Race for the Galaxy, you advance your empire by playing cards to build technological developments and settle planets. Players secretly and simultaneously determine which one of seven phases they will lock in, all reveal at once, then execute the phases in order.  Race’s core mechanic is a phase choosing game.

There are a few different strategies to explore, that play off each other in interesting ways.  You can build up a resource engine that you can use to generate more cards and points.  You can invest in exploration to seek out rare high point value cards. Or you can rush military and end the game before your opponents can build up their engines.  

Even though we’re developing online multiplayer, I’m actually SUPER excited about our single player mode, because we’ve integrated Keldon Jones’ neural networked RFTG AI (10 years in the making) so your single player experience can be truly challenging.  


Gameplay Tips

If you’re new to Race for the Galaxy, and want some quick pointers on how to build your skills, here are some of the game tips from the Temple Gates team!

Follow a color.  If you’re not sure where to start with your strategy, my top recommendations is to pick a color.  Blue, Brown, Green, and Yellow cards tend to work well with each other.  Blue tends to be about weenie world with consumption/production.  Brown is similar with a bit more military to counter its higher cost worlds. Green can be pacifist, low value, but high trade rate.  Yellow are rare and expensive, but high intrinsic point value.

Ruling out phases If you’re not sure what phase to pick, there are a couple things to keep in mind.  For the most part, you should rule out produce if you have no production worlds.  You should rule out consume if you have no goods.  If it’s early game and you need cards in hand, explore may be your best bet.  But beyond that, look at the cards you already have in play including your start world, and see if you have a lot of powers that activate on a particular phase.  You may want to lean heavy on that phase because it will help you more than it helps others.
Don’t be greedy! It can be tempting to hold onto a lot of expensive cards in hand, since expensive cards are usually quite powerful.  But since cards are both playable and also act as currency, you need to be able to let go of some of them.  If your hand is full of cards you intend to play, you won’t have anything left to pay for them.
Be flexible.  You may start out with a sweet combo, such as Hidden Fortress and New Galactic Order.  Bam.  You’re going military.  But if you’re not drawing other cards to compliment this strategy, you have to let it go.  Switching tack is a big part of the game, and it’s something the AI is particularly good at since it doesn’t get emotionally invested in a really sweet combo that it wants to happen so, so bad.
Predict your opponent’s moves.  Sometimes people say Race is a very single player solitaire style game.  Those people probably don’t win as much.  One of the things that makes our AI competitive is we have an entire AI dedicated to predicting opponent moves by evaluating the game state, their goods/military/hand size etc.  If you can predict your opponent will settle, you can go for a consume trade without any goods on your tableau because you may be able to settle a windfall which will bring a good in tow.
No handouts. Similar to the previous tip, you should keep an eye out for opponents who are flush with resources, such as goods or cards in hand, to avoid choosing phases they can benefit from.  This is trickier the more players in the game.  With a two player game, this can be absolutely gouging.  But with a four player game, someone may hand them a phase anyway, so it might not be worth spending your turn on control strategy.