Press Release: Brink of War

  Race for the Galaxy Expansion Launches One of this year’s top selling boardgame apps launches Brink of War expansion   SAN MATEO, CA – DECEMBER 14 2017 – Temple Gates Games in collaboration with Rio Grande Games brings a new expansion to one of this year’s top selling digital boardgames, just in time for the holidays. The Brink of War adds 36 new[…]


Race for the Galaxy AI

From TD-Gammon to Race for the Galaxy Temporal Difference Learning for Boardgame AI What makes a game replayable over time?  It offers new challenges over and over again.  One way to do that is to include an AI opponent that is so skilled, even advanced players will continue to be challenged after hundreds of hours[…]


Designer Diary: Race for the Galaxy: The Brink of War

The first two expansions for Race for the Galaxy – The Gathering Storm and Rebel vs Imperium – expanded the game by adding start worlds, new cards, and two new but optional mechanics: goals and takeovers. The Brink of War (which requires both previous expansions) adds Galactic Prestige, which is woven throughout the entire expansion. Galactic Prestige represents the relative standing[…]


Race for the Galaxy

“Board Game of the Year 2017” – Pocket Tactics “An exemplary app and a brilliant adaptation” – PC Mag “One of the best digital conversions to date” – Destructoid “Best New Games: Go and grab it right now.” – Droid Gamers “10/10 High marks from me.” – Tom Vasel, Dice Tower “The players in our forums[…]


Feature Drop: New Race Update!

In preparation for our June 27 PC launch, we’ve dropped a bunch of new features into the mobile app.  Mobile and PC players will be able to play together in the same multiplayer games.   Cross device account linking Players can now link their devices together so their friends lists will transfer between mobile and[…]


Podcast with Keldon Jones

We sat down with Keldon Jones and Chris O’Regan to chat about Race for the Galaxy. Keldon is responsible for creating the neural network research project that became the Race for the Galaxy AI. This pet project has been in development for nearly a decade and was integrated into the official licensed mobile and PC[…]


Game Responses

Press Quotes “10/10 High marks from me.” – Tom Vasel, Dice Tower “Another GOTY Contender steps up” – Pocket Tactics “Go and grab it right now” – DroidGamers “The best AI of any card or board game ever ported to a mobile device” – Stately Play “One of the greatest digital board games ever made.” iosboardgames “This[…]