VR and Flight Phobia

I have a fear of flying. The kind of phobia that has me up at night in the days leading up to a flight and gripping the arm rests in terror. It’s an irrational fear that developed sometime in the last five years – but it exists. I’ve tried a bunch of different things, meditation,[…]

Bazaar Patch

V1.3 Patch Notes: Major Improvements New feature! A mission box gives you tasks and rewards you with diamonds. 36 new missions to play. New diamond store! Use your diamonds to purchases 24 new upgrades. New items! 5 new items to find. Added optional gamepad support! The shoulder buttons rotate the view, the left button opens[…]

John Carmack Reviewed Bazaar

“Public VR critique #5: Bazaar When an earlier version was in the VR Jam, I gave it high marks for implementation quality, but the gameplay didn’t really grab me. The commercial version is much improved, and I played through to level nine for this critique. The rendering is all well done. Going with stylized, rather[…]