Race Beta 4/18 Patch Notes

New Multiplayer Menu game paging, up to 18 games list of open games fix bug where multiplayer games sometimes used the wrong expansion (very bad, caused crashes) can trash games from the menu fix some issues with ‘completed’ state to allow folks to see the end of game friends list paging, up to 18 accessible[…]


Race Beta

Sign up for the Race for the Galaxy mobile beta!  Race for the galaxy will be available for Android and iOS phone and tablet. Got a bug? Feature request? Find something confusing?  Post on our feedback thread to help us get this game ship shape for launch May 3!    


Race for the Galaxy Announcement

You’ve been asking for it. We’ve been asking for it – so we made it and it’s almost here! Race for the Galaxy is coming out for phones and tablets in just a few weeks! With over a million physical copies sold, boardgamers have been building their galactic empires for years, making Race for the Galaxy one[…]


Press Release

Multi-Award Winning Strategy Card Game Races to Mobile May 3 Temple Gates Games teams with Rio Grande to bring acclaimed Race for the Galaxy to iPhone and Android. SAN MATEO, CA — April 10, 2017… With over a million physical copies sold since its 2007 debut, board gamers have been building their galactic empires for[…]