Loot Piñata – Build 3

That time again – a new build for Loot Piñata. Play it Now or Download a Windows Version.

New Quest System
New Quest System

Patch Notes:


  • New bat guy art
  • Orc spear animation
  • Skeleton get hit animation
  • New skeleton attack animation


  • Missions – Game tracks and indicates completion of missions, (completing a mission doesn’t get you anything yet)
  • Damage/HP rebalance – All damage/hp is integral and direct. Player actions do 1 or 2 damage. Monster actions do 1 or 2 damage.
  • All monsters now have an “Attack Bar” and do their attack when the bar fills.
  • Kid action buttons now at bottom of the screen (vs before when you clicked the kid themself)
  • Removed run away button
  • Tuned candy drop rates


  • Fixed font spacing on cards
  • Inventory screen has bigger hit regions
  • A zillion other minor things

Loot Piñata – Build 2

We’ve got a new build up for Loot Piñata. Play it Now or Download a Windows Version.

Much more candy
Much more candy

Here are the patch notes:


  • Piñata-fied orc
  • Piñata-fied bat
  • New Megabones shield


  • One life adventure mode

If you pass 6 rooms and defeat the head-piñata, you go to town to shop and re-equip and head out again fully healed. If you die, the game is over and you play again with new kids, loot and a newly randomized adventure.

  • Way more candy

When a kid hits a piñata, it drops candy. When a piñata explodes, more candy. Piñata’s sometimes spawn candy eggs, which can be popped, for you guessed it, more candy. Way more candy… Mousing over candy now picks up candy.

  • Coins replace candy as currency
  • More dynamic camera motion

New bonuses

  • Overtime: increased boxer special duration
  • Wild Fists: boxer basic does aoe damage
  • Wild Punches: boxer special does aoe damage
  • Parry Punches: boxer is immune to damage during special attacks
  • Express lift: hammer charges faster
  • Knock out: hammer stun lasts longer
  • Turbo: reduced hammer cooldown
  • Wild Hammer: hammer basics do aoe damage
  • Shielding: immune to damage after a hammer special attack
  • Energizer: gain more mana each room
  • Low Copays: healing costs less mana


  • Cleaner font rendering