Game Responses

Press Quotes “10/10 High marks from me.” – Tom Vasel, Dice Tower “Another GOTY Contender steps up” – Pocket Tactics “Go and grab it right now” – DroidGamers “The best AI of any card or board game ever ported to a mobile device” – Stately Play “One of the greatest digital board games ever made.” iosboardgames “This[…]


A Little About Race

In Race for the Galaxy, you advance your empire by playing cards to build technological developments and settle planets. Players secretly and simultaneously determine which one of seven phases they will lock in, all reveal at once, then execute the phases in order.  Race’s core mechanic is a phase choosing game. There are a few[…]


Gameplay Tips

If you’re new to Race for the Galaxy, and want some quick pointers on how to build your skills, here are some of the game tips from the Temple Gates team! Follow a color.  If you’re not sure where to start with your strategy, my top recommendations is to pick a color.  Blue, Brown, Green,[…]


Launch Announcement

Highly Anticipated Boardgame Races to Mobile May 3 Boardgame favorite, Race for the Galaxy, launches on iPhone and Android today.   SAN MATEO, CA — May 3, 2017… Players have been waiting years for the highly anticipated launch of Race for the Galaxy for mobile devices.  A boardgame closet staple, Race has been named “Best[…]


Race for the Galaxy – We Did It!

Over a year ago, I was playing a lot of Dominion and Ascension, and I wanted to see if my other favorite boardgame was online.  It didn’t take long to find, a Windows application to service a neural network AI research project for Race.  But I was hooked.  I played hundreds of hours. Playing multiplayer[…]