Race Beta 4/18 Patch Notes

New Multiplayer Menu

  • game paging, up to 18 games
  • list of open games
  • fix bug where multiplayer games sometimes used the wrong expansion (very bad, caused crashes)
  • can trash games from the menu
  • fix some issues with ‘completed’ state to allow folks to see the end of game
  • friends list paging, up to 18 accessible friends
  • more appropriate messages for forfeiting active games vs leaving/declining game creation (still some issues here)

Gameplay Fixes

  • fix pay for military powers now properly usable in combo with discounts
  • fix for improved cloaking device not being usable when it should be
  • button to ‘use/place/discard/whatever’ from the zoomed state
  • no ‘more’ button, instead, rarely used actions available from the zoom state
  • removed opponent gambling world prompt (was causing errors)
  • fix undo at start of game sometimes wrecking the game


  • can zoom anything pretty much always
  • many fixes to errors happening when resuming part way through a tutorial
  • fixed case where you wouldn’t draw cards at the start of tutorial
  • many editorial changes
  • fixed a crash that could occur playing a regular game after a tutorial game


  • expansion rules
  • effects when taping/selecting/draggin cards
  • when discarding a zillion cards, hand repaginates while discarding
  • log bigger/reskinned
  • takeover and Gambling UI reskinned
  • 4 new avatar icons
  • Easy/Med/Hard AI avatar images
  • skinning/Consistency pass on almost all out of game ui
  • a zillion color/art tweaks and changes
  • new and tweaked sound effects/volumes
  • new icon


  • Android now rotates orientation
  • Android now uses ‘fullscreen’ for devices that have software home/back buttons
  • Android now uses local storage for profile/save game and no longer needs storage permissions (unfortunately you’ll lose access to your old game/profile when patching 🙁
  • fix for some android keyboard problems
  • iOS now uses audio mode that doesn’t kill external music/podcats
  • iOS no longer loses network functionality after sleeping for a bit
  • expansion purchases hooked up and checked (not really usable in beta unfortunately)

And certainly a bunch of other things I’ve overlooked. Thanks everyone for testing and giving feedback, it’s makes all this possible!