Bazaar Patch

V1.3 Patch Notes:

Major Improvements

  • New feature! A mission box gives you tasks and rewards you with diamonds. 36 new missions to play.
  • New diamond store! Use your diamonds to purchases 24 new upgrades.
  • New items! 5 new items to find.
  • Added optional gamepad support! The shoulder buttons rotate the view, the left button opens the inventory, the top button opens the mission box, and right button opens map.
  • Added 8 new tutorials.
  • Improved game balance: The food meter drains faster and some encounters show up sooner.
  • Updates from John Carmack’s feedback: Alpha-to-coverage and MSAA 4x on S6, fixed some thin UI lines, fixed splash screen gradient, added gamepad support, better raycasting. Thanks John!
  • Lots and lots and lots of art and gameplay improvements.

Minor Improvements

  • New art: banner, some new constellations, item damage states
  • New anims: item breaks, item go aways, croc/snake blocked, glass break
  • Can block monkey with shield
  • Firework for returning relics
  • New items: large coin stack, croc stakes, snake stakes, banana, diamond
  • Inventory use timer is much faster

Apologies for the potato cam. 😀