Granting a Wish with VR


Thanks to Mojang and the Make a Wish foundation, Lily got her first VR experience at this year’s MINECON.

MINECON is a pixel wonderland.  Kids run around with 8-bit swords, they can explore blocky caves.  It’s a place where being a computer nerd is a badge of honor.  There are creeper cakes, comedy shows, and kids dress up as their favorite minecraft mobs.  With Disneyland right next door, kids lucky enough to score a ticket are in for a summer vacation they’ll remember for a lifetime.
img_0911_sBut while thousands of kids are waiting for their adventure to begin, the doors have opened early for a few special guests.  The Make a Wish foundation arranged for the complete expo to open early for a few kids who need some extra joy.

Lily arrived in a wheelchair and she rolled up in style.  Her family explained that she’s been so excited to try VR and she was bouncing up and down with anticipation.  Lily tried Ascension VR, and stepped into a mystical forest under the twilight sky.  She was suddenly a warrior with three companions, slaying monsters in the woods.   I’ve gotten used to the wonder on people’s faces when they try their first experience in VR, but I won’t forget the opportunity to be a part of this moment for Lily, a kid who certainly deserves a little extra magic.



Lily tries VR for the first time.

Lily wheeled up with her family later that day to play a some more.  VR gives us all a chance to explore new worlds, but it has especially exciting promise to grant access for people with limited mobility.  Physical capabilities are no longer a barrier to exploration.   Before the end of the day, in VR at least, Lily was flying.