Flying Carpet Prototype


Using the awesome power of electromagnetism combined with the awesome power of pipe cleaners, I’ve made a little flying carpet prototype that actually hovers!

I plan to bring this to shows like GDC, SXSW, PAX, and GaymerX so when I show off our carpet game, people have something to be hypnotized by while they wait in line for their personal VR demo.

This was my first iteration.

So the carpet needed work.  Over the holiday break I got a chance to visit The Magic Carpet, a shop in Nevada City that inspired my first 3D models for Bazaar.  I got a bunch of design ideas here.   My version is definitely more craftastic.

20151229_142744 20151229_140938 20151229_142330


But, turns out the chicken-wire matrix screwed up the magnetics so I had to replace it with something non-magnetic that still had some structure to support the rug.  Ikea cutting boards had just the right weight to structure ratio.

The latest version!