Feature Drop: New Race Update!

In preparation for our June 27 PC launch, we’ve dropped a bunch of new features into the mobile app.  Mobile and PC players will be able to play together in the same multiplayer games.  

Cross device account linking Players can now link their devices together so their friends lists will transfer between mobile and tablet.  No more pesky re-adding your friends one by one!  This also links their multiplayer games so you can pop in from any device then continue a game later on another one.  We’re rolling out PC support June 27, at which time players can also link up with their computers.  Mobile and PC players will all be able to play in the same games together!  

Stats We’re rolling out tons of new stats so hopefully players got their losses out of their systems before they started counting!  Included are high scores, but also we show what’s the most you’ve ever achieved with a particular starting world and what’s the most you’ve ever achieved with any six cost development.  If you click on your high scores you can bring up the game state to see everything in play when you achieved your best.  

Multiplayer improvements There are a bunch of features players have been clamoring for, so we’ve rolled out some new goodies.  Timers now help players decide if they want a quick game or something more leisurely, and inactive games eventually time off your game list.  More games are supported now, so if you have a bunch going, you can still make way more before maxing out.  The friend list has been expanded, so popular players won’t feel limited.    

Localization support (beta) We’ve begun translation work to bring the game to more languages.  This is in a beta, so there are a few rough edges, but there’s even an option to contribute a translation if one you want is missing or could use improvement.