Bazaar is launching November 17th 2015!


I’m rounding up screenshots to show off all our new launch features.

Monkeys jump on your head and you must shake them off since their paws block your eyes.  Crocodiles lurk quietly, but don’t double back once you’ve agitated them!  Sea corbras and dart traps lie around every corner.  We’ve even given the ability to fly up and down once the player has recovered Lamassu’s stolen wing.

We’ve worked around the clock since our OC2 visit to Hollywood to put in the features folks have asked for and tighten up the design to deliver and intuitive game that I’m so proud of.

Game 2015-10-28 19-33-54-18-4

Game 2015-10-28 20-30-45-18-2

Game 2015-10-28 22-15-22-50-2

Game 2015-10-28 22-17-29-73-4

Game 2015-10-28 23-21-58-14-3