Avatar Puppeteering using Motion Controllers

To coincide with the launch of the Oculus Touch controllers, we’ve implemented full motion controller support for Ascension VR. Whether you’re using Touch controllers or Vive wands, a whole new range of gestures are now possible!


In addition to the new gestures, the controllers allow for true hand presence inside the game and a add new and more natural way to play Ascension, using your hands rather than your head to select cards and take actions in the game.


Other players will see your full 3D Avatar, with arms and hands that sync to your real-world motions.


To achieve this, we use a combination of IK (inverse kinematics) and individual hand pose animations.

Hand Gestures

Using the Touch controllers, players are able to make 5 distinct hand gestures: open hand, fist, point, thumbs up, and finger gun.  The capacitive sensors for the pointer finger and thumb allow for the full range of hand shapes.

handshapes2 handshapes1p

The Vive controllers are somewhat more limited in this capacity, though they still support the open hand, fist, and point gestures.

Arm Movement

The arm movement is achieved by a realtime IK system, which takes the position of the controller relative to the headset, and inputs that data back into the animation system.  The position data is slightly offset and scaled to optimize the relative hand positions for each character.  The resulting full range of arm motion will allow you to play Ascension (or take an air drum break) in style!