Ascension Patch 2

  • effect-acquirecardNew game end screen
  • Mirror display in player profile
  • End of game honor warnings
  • New/Improved fx for player spawn, active player, winner, card acquire and others
  • Pile inspect order reversed (newest to oldest)

For this patch, we wanted to focus on UI improvements.  Big thanks to everyone who’s been joining us for Tuesday nights with the devs at 8pm PDT, especially Myzi and OldGregg.  That feedback’s been super helpful!

effect-godray We’ve updated the layout of our win screen so people can now see each other’s faces at the end of the game.  This is a big improvement over that large scroll that blocked everyone off.  Additionally, we’ve got some added flair for the win moment.  The VP star counter animates and sounds off when it’s approaching zero, and when a player wins, there’s a burst of particles over their avatar to highlight their victory.  Additionally, we’ve got despawn animations going so it’s easier to tell when someone has left a finished game – so you don’t sit there chatting to yourself without realizing you’re alone!

On top of that, we’ve heard your requests to bring the forest to life more. We’ve added fireflies, birds, falling leaves and will-o-the-wisps to amp up the life in the Lifebound forest.

effect-glowcardTo help guide players through the game, we created a materials editor to add some fun particle and material effects that can help draw attention to active or playable cards.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the avatar selection screen.  We’ve added a mirror so you can see how your real movements will translate as animations to others in multiplayer mode.

— T