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Every so often we sit down with folks to talk about video games, boardgames, VR development, running a startup and indie life!  Here’s a collection of some of our favorite conversations with folks!

Theresa with Drew Dixon and M Joshua Cauller on Game Church


Theresa with Jared Wolthuis and company on Enemy Slime


Theresa with Chris O’Regan on Sausage Factory


Theresa with Randy O’Conner on How was Work


Theresa with Chris Anista and company of Laser Time


Theresa with Drew Dixon and company of Game Church


Theresa with Kent Bye on Voices Of VR


Theresa and Charlene with Nels Anderson on Terminal 7



Theresa chats with Wesley Adams at Autodesk



Patrick chats with Wes Adams at Autodesk


Theresa and Pete with Chris ORegan on Sausage Factory


Theresa and Pete with Jared Wolthuis and co. on Enemy Slime