Ascension VR Press Release

Stone Blade Entertainment and Temple Gates Games Announce Ascension VR

The First Deckbuilding VR Experience will Launch in August 2016

Oceanside, Calif. – July 26, 2016 – Stone Blade Entertainment in partnership with Temple Gates Games today announce Ascension VR, the first deckbuilding Virtual Reality experience on the market, launching on major VR platforms August 1, 2016.

Immersing gamers into the world of Vigil, Ascension VR features the Ascension Deckbuilding Game and includes 52 unique Heroes, Constructs and Monsters with additional expansions to be released subsequently. Fans can play as their favorite Ascension heroes in real time with other players, no matter where they live.

Bringing the tabletop world into the digital sphere by connecting players from all over the world into one virtual space, Ascension VR uses 3D fully animated avatars and showcases social elements including spatialized voice chat, avatar lip sync and avatar animation triggered by real time player movement.  Players can battle for supremacy regardless of what platform they’re on, whether mobile or PC and from a variety of VR headsets.  

For new gamers, learning to play is as easy as if they were sitting around a real table together. Ascension VR features a full single player tutorial, as well as single player AI modes.  Fans can play with up to three AI opponents to build familiarity with the cards, or dive right into multiplayer to learn with friends.  


“It’s incredibly exciting to see Ascension come to life in virtual reality, where sitting in the same living room is no longer a requirement and players from all over the world can play a game of Ascension together,” said Justin Gary, Founder and CEO, Stone Blade Entertainment.

Half the fun of board games is tabletalk, which is why it was so fun to bring our team’s favorite deckbuilding game, Ascension to VR.  In Ascension VR, you can be right there with your friends, chatting about strategies and goofing off as you play, no matter how far apart you live,” said Theresa Duringer, CEO, Temple Gates Games.

Ascension Deckbuilding Game revolves around a Center Deck containing Heroes, Constructs and Monsters. Players take turns recruiting Heroes or Constructs for their decks or defeating Monsters to earn honor and ultimate victory.

Ascension VR will be available for $9.99 via the Steam and Oculus Store. For more information on Ascension VR, please visit


About Stone Blade Entertainment:

Founded by gaming industry veterans in 2010, Stone Blade Entertainment is a premier developer and products include the award-winning Ascension Deckbuilding Game, SolForge Digital Collectible Game and Bad Beets, the fun-filled family bluffing game. For more information, visit​.


About Temple Gates Games:

Temple Gates Games is a multi-award winning game development studio located in Silicon Valley that focuses on making VR games. Creators of Bazaar, Discovery VR, and Ascension VR, they make virtual experiences for all ages. Their custom VR engine enables them to push the technical limits of what can be achieved in this rapidly evolving field. Find out more at