3D Body Scan for VR Avatars

We have all kinds of ideas for VR games we want to make in the future, and some of them are multiplayer games. We’ve been marinating on how best to tackle avatar creation.

At this week’s IDF, I got a chance to meet Konstantin Popov, CEO of CAPPASITY, who uses RealSense cameras for 3D scanning solutions. After standing on what amounted to a human sized lazy susan, I was scanned, and a 3D topographical model was created using color and depth sense. Konstantin provided an OBJ file that I can start playing with in Maya. I’d love to see how we can integrate this technology into our games to create avatars for our multiplayer VR games based on the players themselves.  Konstantin may be releasing an avatar creation SDK as early as this fall.


Before CAPPASITY applies color


After CAPPASITY applies color


Rahul Dabke is also working with RealSense technology at Intel, and chatted with me about how this might get in the hands of consumers. Right now, there are plans to install  booths in public spaces to allow people to scan themselves.  Hopefully this is more widely available in the near future.


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Meeting Rahul Dabke from Intel with the RealSense team to explore VR avatar solutions


After the conference, I spoke with David Gustafson who mentioned 123D Catch by Autodesk, a mobile app which may allow consumers to easily create 3D facial scans from their phones.  If we could stitch these 3D facial scans to pre-fab bodies this would eliminate the need for procedural animation.

The future is upon us!!!