This month, artist Ben Rosaschi joined our team. We kicked off his tenure with a game jam.

One week later, we present Lumberjackin’

Lumberjackin' Screenshot This land is your land. This land is my land. But mostly it’s my land.

Play a hurly-burly lumberjack, chippin’ your way down the treeline to stockpile resources and build defenses against the booming sasquatch population.

Big foot and its cousins don’t take kindly to mountain folk. You’ll need to slash ‘n burn your way across the woods to harvest nature’s providence. Your sawmill is a growin! Set up ramps to feed the wood into arrow factories, then feed the arrows to your turrets. The game plays like a tower defense where you have to build the towers and arrows from scratch.

Buckle your overalls and grab your axe. Your logging adventure in the Appalachian frontier is about to begin. Timber!!!!