Podcast with Keldon Jones

0742beaWe sat down with Keldon Jones and Chris O’Regan to chat about Race for the Galaxy. Keldon is responsible for creating the neural network research project that became the Race for the Galaxy AI. This pet project has been in development for nearly a decade and was integrated into the official licensed mobile and PC apps for Race for the Galaxy.

What’s special about Race for the Galaxy’s AI? This AI has trained on over thirty thousand games, and each time it plays, it learns and adapts to improve its strength going forward. While the Hard AI is likely to stomp all over your face, you can always nerf it down to Easy or Medium to work up to the challenge. The neural network itself has got over five hundred nodes. In fact there are actually two AIs operating in tandem. One is responsible for predicting a player’s next action(s). The other evaluates the better of two actions to choose. Together this twin AI system has been called one of the best AIs in the digital boardgame space.

“RftG will have the best AI of any card or board game ever ported to a mobile device” – Stately Play

Here Keldon talks a little about how he got started tinkering with neural network AIs.