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Race Beta 4/18 Patch Notes

New Multiplayer Menu

  • game paging, up to 18 games
  • list of open games
  • fix bug where multiplayer games sometimes used the wrong expansion (very bad, caused crashes)
  • can trash games from the menu
  • fix some issues with ‘completed’ state to allow folks to see the end of game
  • friends list paging, up to 18 accessible friends
  • more appropriate messages for forfeiting active games vs leaving/declining game creation (still some issues here)

Gameplay Fixes

  • fix pay for military powers now properly usable in combo with discounts
  • fix for improved cloaking device not being usable when it should be
  • button to ‘use/place/discard/whatever’ from the zoomed state
  • no ‘more’ button, instead, rarely used actions available from the zoom state
  • removed opponent gambling world prompt (was causing errors)
  • fix undo at start of game sometimes wrecking the game


  • can zoom anything pretty much always
  • many fixes to errors happening when resuming part way through a tutorial
  • fixed case where you wouldn’t draw cards at the start of tutorial
  • many editorial changes
  • fixed a crash that could occur playing a regular game after a tutorial game


  • expansion rules
  • effects when taping/selecting/draggin cards
  • when discarding a zillion cards, hand repaginates while discarding
  • log bigger/reskinned
  • takeover and Gambling UI reskinned
  • 4 new avatar icons
  • Easy/Med/Hard AI avatar images
  • skinning/Consistency pass on almost all out of game ui
  • a zillion color/art tweaks and changes
  • new and tweaked sound effects/volumes
  • new icon


  • Android now rotates orientation
  • Android now uses ‘fullscreen’ for devices that have software home/back buttons
  • Android now uses local storage for profile/save game and no longer needs storage permissions (unfortunately you’ll lose access to your old game/profile when patching 🙁
  • fix for some android keyboard problems
  • iOS now uses audio mode that doesn’t kill external music/podcats
  • iOS no longer loses network functionality after sleeping for a bit
  • expansion purchases hooked up and checked (not really usable in beta unfortunately)

And certainly a bunch of other things I’ve overlooked. Thanks everyone for testing and giving feedback, it’s makes all this possible!


Race Beta


Sign up for the Race for the Galaxy mobile beta!  Race for the galaxy will be available for Android and iOS phone and tablet.

Got a bug? Feature request? Find something confusing?  Post on our feedback thread to help us get this game ship shape for launch May 3!





Race for the Galaxy Announcement


You’ve been asking for it. We’ve been asking for it – so we made it and it’s almost here! Race for the Galaxy is coming out for phones and tablets in just a few weeks!

With over a million physical copies sold, boardgamers have been building their galactic empires for years, making Race for the Galaxy one of the most beloved strategy titles in game shops around the world. But it’s not just us who have fallen in love with it. Race has racked up a few awards!


At Temple Gates Games we’ve teamed up with Race For the Galaxy’s designer, Tom Lehmann, to bring a mobile adaptation of Race for the Galaxy to phones. AI pioneer Keldon Jones originally developed an AI for this game as a research project on neural networks. Now we’re bringing the fruits of this project to Android and iOS.

Race for the Galaxy will be available for 6.99 on the App Store and Google Play. Our limited beta begins on April 12th. Sign up is available here. A press kit is available here.

Game Features

▪ 2 – 4 player with network multiplayer
▪ Single player mode with advanced neural network AI
▪ Five starting worlds and ninety settlement and development cards
▪ Free promo pack included: New Worlds with six additional starting planets
▪ Gathering Storm and Rebel Vs. Imperium expansions available immediately




Press Release


Multi-Award Winning Strategy Card Game Races to Mobile May 3

Temple Gates Games teams with Rio Grande to bring acclaimed Race for the Galaxy to iPhone and Android.

SAN MATEO, CA — April 10, 2017… With over a million physical copies sold since its 2007 debut, board gamers have been building their galactic empires for years to make Race for the Galaxy one of the most popular strategy titles around the world, named “Best Card Game” by BoardgameGeek and Fairplay Magazine, and “Card Game of the Year” by Tric Trac.

And now Temple Gates Games, in collaboration with Tom Lehmann, Keldon Jones, and Rio Grande, is bringing a mobile adaptation of Race for the Galaxy to phones and tablets.

“Our goal is to deliver one of the most replayable strategy games out there, with a top-shelf neural networked AI and seamless UX,” says Temple Gates CEO Theresa Duringer. “AI pioneer Keldon Jones developed the neural network for this game as a research project; now we’re bringing the fruits of that project to Android and iOS.”

Race for the Galaxy players advance their empire by playing cards to build technological developments and settle planets. Will you build an engine to ramp up VPs on cheapo production planets? Will you invest in exploration and settle rare and valuable VP-rich planets? Or will you rush a military conquest to cut off your opponents before they have a chance to develop their strategy?

Players secretly and simultaneously determine which one of seven phases they will lock in, all reveal at once, then execute the phases in order; its core mechanic is a phase choosing game. “I’m excited to see this play out on iOS and Android devices,” says Tom Lehmann, game designer of the original Race for the Galaxy.

Game Features

▪ 2-4 player with network multiplayer

▪ Single player mode with advanced neural network AI

▪ Five starting worlds and ninety settlement and development cards

▪ Free promo pack included: New Worlds with six additional starting planets

▪ Gathering Storm and Rebel Vs. Imperium expansions available immediately


Sign up for the beta here.

Press kit here.








Avatar Puppeteering using Motion Controllers

To coincide with the launch of the Oculus Touch controllers, we’ve implemented full motion controller support for Ascension VR. Whether you’re using Touch controllers or Vive wands, a whole new range of gestures are now possible!


In addition to the new gestures, the controllers allow for true hand presence inside the game and a add new and more natural way to play Ascension, using your hands rather than your head to select cards and take actions in the game.


Other players will see your full 3D Avatar, with arms and hands that sync to your real-world motions.


To achieve this, we use a combination of IK (inverse kinematics) and individual hand pose animations.

Hand Gestures

Using the Touch controllers, players are able to make 5 distinct hand gestures: open hand, fist, point, thumbs up, and finger gun.  The capacitive sensors for the pointer finger and thumb allow for the full range of hand shapes.

handshapes2 handshapes1p

The Vive controllers are somewhat more limited in this capacity, though they still support the open hand, fist, and point gestures.

Arm Movement

The arm movement is achieved by a realtime IK system, which takes the position of the controller relative to the headset, and inputs that data back into the animation system.  The position data is slightly offset and scaled to optimize the relative hand positions for each character.  The resulting full range of arm motion will allow you to play Ascension (or take an air drum break) in style!